Foloosi Tap
Contactless Payment App
How it Works
It’s fast, easy and all you need
is your phone!
On Receive Payment
Enter the
Transaction Amount
Tap the customer’s card
behind your device
Payment processed
Contactless payments made simple
With Foloosi Tap, you can easily accept card payments on the go without having to buy expensive hardware
Accepting payments on the go
Once the transaction amount and the customer details are filled with required information. The transaction can be processed
Just Tap and accept payments
In Foloosi customers can make use of their credit/debit card, e-wallet or NFC enabled wearable devices on behind of your device to authorise the transaction
It’s really easy as one, two, three
Once the card got tapped, merchant will receive a beep sound with transaction success details and the customer will receive a e-receipt
Why Foloosi Tap ?
Foloosi works with all major card brands, which means we can process any type of card including Visa and MasterCard. And since Foloosi Tap uses NFC technology to process transactions, your customer will feel safe
Accept Instantly
Just tap and go! Foloosi Tap
uses NFC technology to process transactions by tapping your card.
Secure and Privacy
Foloosi uses a 3D Secure protocol that reduces the risk of fraud by authenticating the cardholder in real-time
Digital Receipt
Your customers will receive a digital receipt for their each purchase as an invoice via email and also as SMS
Save time with Foloosi
Sign up in seconds and then get back to work by accepting payments anywhere, any time from your android NFC enabled devices
Sales Report
Get sales report for your each cash and Tap to pay transactions which helps to maintain record of your transactions
Easy & Convenient
Your customers can conveniently make payments of up to 2,000 AED with just a tap and as secure as any chip or PIN based transactions.
Built for businesses
Go Contactless! Tap on the Go
Frequently Asked Questions
How secure it is?
Foloosi uses a 3D Secure protocol that reduces the risk of fraud by authenticating the cardholder in real-time. This ensures that only verified cardholders can make purchases on their connected bank account or credit card.
What type of cards are accepted ?
All Visa and Mastercards, Local cards and International cards are accepted
How do I know, If my customers can make contactless payments?
You'll see the Contactless Indicator on your card. For your phone or other payment-enabled wearable device
How do I know, if my mobile device suits for tap on phone?
All android mobile with NFC enabled are ready to accept payments from your customer. Meanwhile, please do check our support team to confirm if the device accepts NFC
Shall I want to download any app?
Yes, Foloosi Tap on phone needs to be downloaded which is available in google play store -
Is that available in android and iOS?
Unfortunately, it’s available only in android
How can I get to know when I need to tap the customer’s card or NFC wearable behind my mobile?
Once you fill out all the information like amount and customer details, click receive payment. You can request your customers to tap their card or wearable device to pay where you see the Contactless Symbol on your mobile terminal
Where else I can make use of tap to phone?
You can accept payments from fast-food restaurants, delivery partners, drivers, coffee shops, grocery stores, retail pharmacies, vending machines, taxis, gym, freelancers, Individual shops, any small shops that have a physical location and side hustlers.