Enhance Your Cafe with Foloosi Table
Leverage our mPOS, Kitchen App, and QR Menu to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and support a paperless community.
Smart Point of Sale Systems
Get going and begin making your first deals in merely minutes with our instinctive point of sale

Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)

Seamlessly handle transactions from any spot in your cafe for instant service.


Real-Time Analytics

Stay updated on sales and customer behaviors while on the move, ensuring agile decision-making.


Digital Kitchen App

The system guarantees seamless communication with the kitchen, reducing errors and expediting service.


Dynamic QR Menu

Keep your menu fresh and prices current in real-time, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.


Paperless Transactions

Offer digital receipts to promote environmental sustainability. Streamlines the checkout process, and reduces waiting times.


Enhanced Customer Experience

Improving service with faster and more accurate order handling translates into more satisfying experience for customers.

Perfect for any business
Regardless of whether you claim a bistro, restaurant or retail store, Foloosi will give you all that you need.
Cafe / QSR

Get fully operational rapidly, and start checking your clients out in merely minutes


Deal with your café with ease, from the front of the house to the kitchen and bar.


Keep your stock perfectly stocked and your customers coming back for additional

Kitchen App
  • Ensures every order is communicated directly to the kitchen reducing errors and speeding up the service.
  • Keeps the entire team informed with live updates on order status, helping manage peak times efficiently.
  • Allows instant updates to the menu, including daily specials and sold-out items, directly from the kitchen.
mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale)
  • Staff can take orders directly at the table using their smartphones or tablets with the Foloosi mPOS app.
  • Foloosi mPOS offers a variety of payment options, including cash, traditional card payments, and their own Foloosi Pay system
  • Foloosi mPOS may allow you to implement discounts and promotional codes for repeat customers, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business.
Digital receipt - Go green – Paperless
  • A total digital transformation using digital receipts and hence no paper is required
  • POS systems provide with more detailed receipts rather than just a slip of paper with the date / amount of the sale
  • POS systems use inventory data to provide more information like item description, price, and savings
QR Menu
  • Provides a safer dining experience by enabling customers to scan, order, and pay from their mobile devices.
  • Easily update your menu with new items, prices, and promotions, offering an always-current menu to your customers.
  • Engages customers with an interactive menu featuring photos and descriptions, improving satisfaction and boosting sales.
Spend less time in back office
  • You can see a quick overview of your total sales, giving you a real-time pulse on your business performance.
  • This can help you optimize your inventory management and tailor your offerings to specific customer preferences.
  • The dashboard likely categorizes your sales by payment method (cash, machine pay, Foloosi pay etc.)
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AED 99 / month Per business Try free for 30 days No credit card required

Upto 1 Branches

AED 99 Setup Fee


AED 149 / month Per business Try free for 30 days No credit card required

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AED 199 Setup Fee


AED 249 / month Per business Try free for 30 days No credit card required

Upto 10 Branches

AED 299 Setup Fee

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What our partners say about Foloosi mPOS

Foloosi has all the hardware and make payments quick

Promising technological innovation

Foloosi mPOS has been a lifesaver for our cafe! Since we started using it, our tableside ordering has gotten so much faster and our customers are raving about the service

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