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Clients can basically scan your QR code and pay with a solitary snap. It's simple, quick and reliable

Instant account activation

Get activated and transact within 2 minutes. Completely online onboarding with minimum documentation.


Get paid promptly

Get cash in your bank account within seven business days after successful payment. * T& C apply


Accept payment instantly

Get an inventive payment solution with good pricing, no payment fee, no setup and annual fee

Foloosi accepted everywhere
Customers can simply scan your QR code and pay with a single click. It’s simple, fast & reliable.
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Enterprise Grade Payments
Solutions for your Retail Business
Mobile payment and order ahead with restaurants or coffee shops near you with just your mobile phone.
Smart QR code
  • Dynamic QR code that has your order information and amount
  • Single tap payment from Foloosi App scan
  • You will not need any POS or any other infrastructure. You can manage your business with your mobile.
How to Generate Smart QR Code
Tap on
'Generate QR Code' icon
Enter payment, descrption
and Offer details
That's it!!! QR Code
genrated successfully
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