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Just integrate our SDKs into your app library & join our server-side utilities and you are good to go.


Easy products and services integration


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Payment Solutions For Online Business

Allow your customers to pay using their Foloosi Technology innovative technology, simple and high secured payment solution.

Sign Up In Minutes

Get your account setup within minutes with nominal information. Our process is intended to provide you entire online on boarding experience without the need of physical credentials.

Easy to Integrate

Foloosi Technology provides plugins for all major e-commerce platforms. Integrate quickly with the help of our comprehensive API documentation.

Seamless checkout

Foloosi Technology provides Android and iOS SDKs for integrating apps. The SDK will call the essential APIs and makes integration process simple.

Developer Friendly

No setup charges and no yearly upkeep cost with simple API's. Our frictionless payment stream guarantees most astounding transaction success rates.

Affordable Pricing

Incorporate Foloosi Technology today and go live in shortest time. Rapid and trouble-free integration. Sell stress-free at highly affordable prices

Great Customer Service

Foloosi Technology provides great customer service by taking care of their needs, delivering professional, helpful, high-quality service before, during& after the customer's requirements are met.

Know about Rewards

Rewards are sponsored rewards offered to consumers. These incentives are nothing but promotions such as discounts and coupons.

Know about Developer API

High-quality API entices developers to build on application in innovative ways. Our API helps developers to achieve goals on behalf of end users.