How to do a Refund from Foloosi Payment Gateway to the Customer
Foloosi enable your business to accept payments from your customers via QR COde, Paylink, API, subscriptions The payment gateway receives the refund request and forwards it to their banking partner (merchant's bank). The information is then communicated to the customer's bank. The refund gets processed once the transaction is accepted by all the parties involved.

In the process of usual sales and business transactions, the merchants would receive payments from the customer through Foloosi Payment Gateway as per the purchases made. The merchant can receive payments through multiple mode of payments through Foloosi Payment Gateway such as Payment Links, API Integration, Subscriptions or QR code.

However, in a scenario where the merchant needs to initiate a full or partial refund on request of the customer due to any cause, as per the terms and conditions of the merchant, the refund can be issued to the customer on or before 15 days from the date of payment.

Listed below are the steps to initiate refunds to the customer:

Step 1:

Please login to the merchant panel and click on Payments tab in the dashboard where you can view the transaction history of all the received payments.

Link to Payments webpage -

Step 2:

Identify or locate the transaction to which the refund needs to be issued by searching with the Transaction ID or Customer Name.

Step 3:

Once the transaction for which the refund needs to be issued is identified, go to the Action header, under Action click on View and then click on the Refund option.


Note: You can initiate a refund Full/Partial as per the requirement

Step 4:

This will initiate the refund process and the amount paid will be refunded back to the customer’s bank account through the original mode of payment.

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