How to do a Refund from Foloosi Payment Gateway to the Customer
Foloosi enabled your business to accept payments from your customers via QR COde, Paylink, API, subscriptions

In Foloosi payment gateway, You can issue a refund to the customer on or before 15days of transaction date. As a Foloosi merchant you can initiate a full/parital refund to your customer/client. Here you can see the step by step guide for refund on Foloosi merchant panel

Step1: Please open your merchant panel –

Step2: In a merchant you can see the menu for transactions -> Tap Transactions

Step3: In a transaction report, there you can find the transactions, that done by customer. In that transaction you can see the Menu of Action

Step4: Please click on View for any one of the transaction ID as mentioned in the above –> Click refund

Once you proceed for the refund, It will be initiated and the amount will revert back to customer account

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