Step process to create bulk payment link
Now you create a payment link in bulk to save your time by instead of creating a manual payment link for each individual user


1. Download the .csv file from Foloosi dashboard
2. Fill the details that mentioned in file as based upon mandatory
3. Upload the filled csv file on Foloosi dashboard
4. Execute the process by clicking on create
5. The payment links are created and the notification sent to your customers

STEP 1: Download the .csv file format from Foloosi merchant panel

Download the .csv file from Foloosi dashboard from the bulk upload section

STEP 2: Fill the payment details that mentioned in file as based upon mandatory


Please enter the payments details of upto 100rows and if it exceeds the file won't be taken to process
The File name in the excel should not be modified. Modifications can cause upload


STEP 3: Please make sure the mandatory fields are been filled

Steps To Be Followed :
1. Download the sample file
Download Here.
2. Mandatory Fields :
 [ CURRENCY CODE ] = A valid currency code. Default is AED.
 [ AMOUNT ] = Amount of money to be charged from the customer. Should be greater than or equal to 1 AED.
 [ PAYMENT DESCRIPTION ] = Description for the payment.
 [ LINK TYPE ] = If link type is single, enter "SINGLE", or if link type is multiple, enter "MULTIPLE".
3. Optional Fields :
 [ SMS NOTIFICATION ] = Sends an SMS notification to the customer. If yes, please fill "YES".
 [ EMAIL NOTIFICATION ] = Sends an Email notification to the customer. If yes, please fill "YES".
 [ PHONE CODE ] = Valid phone code without '+' symbol in front.
 [ PHONE NUMBER ] = Valid phone number of the customer.
 [ EMAIL ID ] = valid email of the customer.
 [ RECEIPT NO ] = A unique alpha numeric code based on merchant.
4. Note:
 If [ SMS NOTIFICATION ] is "YES", [ PHONE CODE ] and [ PHONE NUMBER ] are mandatory.
 If [ EMAIL NOTIFICATION ] is "YES", [ EMAIL ID ] is mandatory.
 If both are "YES", [ PHONE CODE ], [ PHONE NUMBER ] and [ EMAIL ID ] are mandatory.
 Do Not upload the failed report.
 Do Not Make any changes to the Headers of the csv file.
5. File Type:
 Once the sheet is filled, Save the file in (.csv) format.
 Upload the csv file and wait for the response.


STEP4: Upload the .CSV File to Dashboard

Please follow the steps to upload the file

1. Login Foloosi merchant panel
2. Tap on payment link that you can find it in merchant dashboard left side
3. Navigate to Bulk Upload --> Upload the file in the footer of bulk upload section
4. Click Create to upload the bulk Payment link


STEP5: Handle the errors from creating a payment link

After the bulk link is uploaded and processed, you get notified of the report of link creation and failure, You can download the failed report with an error column to help you check the error
You can fix those errors with required changes and upload the new file again to process the payment


Now you can accept payments via Paylink --> How to Generate Paylink


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