How digital payments are shaping the future of UAE transactions
Cash is no longer the major method of payments across UAE, as the rising of digital wallets, credit and debit cards and buy-now-pay-later solutions eclipsed physical money.

According to the latest FIS Global Payments Report 2023, credit cards are currently the most popular payment method, accounting for 41% of total e-commerce transaction values in the UAE during 2022 while debit cards represented 11%. Mastercard and Visa represent the biggest majority of card spending in the UAE.

Wallets were the UAE's second top payment method online, totalizing 24% of transaction values, against 23% in 2021, the report said. Cash on delivery showed a tiny 7% of e-commerce transactions last year.

Similarly, the same trend was observed amongst the
point of sale [POS] transactions; credit cards cornered 40 % of transaction values, while debit cards gained 17% share.

Cash was responsible for only 18% at POS. Wallets are substantially increasing at POS, rising from 13% share in 2021 to 16% share in 2022. While the prepaid cards demonstrated only 7% of all POS transaction values.

The “
2020 poll by Standard Chartered” report also disclosed that almost two thirds of people in the UAE (64% exactly) predict the country to be wholly cashless by end of 2030.

A report published by UK-based price comparison website also classified UAE as the eighth most cashless society in the world in 2021.

As for the GPS 2023 report, the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) model is significantly hiking in the UAE, doubling its part of transaction values to 2% in 2022, compared to 2021.

That said, this model remains in its early phases across the country though, with high development opportunities mainly driven by local BNPL service providers.

The report forecasted that BNPL would keep growing in the UAE's e-commerce sector at a huge compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37% till 2026.

BNPL is also the Middle East and Africa’s fastest-growing e-commerce payment way as it is projected to evolve at nearly the same substantial compound annual rate (CAGR) (43% exactly) across MEA through 2026, the report mentioned.

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