Foloosi - Payment Gateway Service for Educational Institutions
A complete payment processing solution for your Educational Institutions - Schools Colleges can now accept payments via paylink in the UAE with simplified toolkits and also with an easy integration. Foloosi enables best payment gateway for educational institutions like Colleges, Schools, Universities and Edtech Startups to accept payments

The UAE is one of the more mature education markets in the region and remains a draw for investors, providers and students. Its scale and ambition remain undimmed, but what is the reality on the ground? What do the trends over time tell us about the education sector by segment, and what are the key differences between its main markets?

Education is the key to progress and development of nations. It is one of the important factors of developmental progress, economic growth, scientific innovation and creativity. To accept payments is a road-block for all the educational institutions and to overcome for accepting digital payments. Foloosi enables best payment gateway for educational institutions like Colleges, Schools, Universities and Edtech Startups to accept payments

We need to equip ourselves with modern science and extensive knowledge and devote ourselves thereto, with high spirit and sincere desire in all areas of work, so that the United Arab Emirates can achieve a civilised wide leap 

               - HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan


Set up & track your online fee payments with ease 

Create payment link in bulk to save your time and to overcome the manual process of creating each payment link

A payment link is an online payment method where a request for online payment is generated and shared by the merchant to the customer, to make instant online payments.

A payment link is one of your most using features to accept payments from your customers. But creating a payment link for each individual customer can take more time.

Now you can create a payment link in bulk from Foloosi dashboard by uploading the csv file and it saves your time



1. Download the .csv file from Foloosi dashboard

2. Fill the details mentioned in the file as based upon mandatory

3. Upload the filled csv file on Foloosi dashboard

4. Execute the process by clicking on create

5. The payment links are created and the notification sent to your customers

 Step by step process to create bulk payment link  --> Guide to create bulk payment link in Foloosi

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