Tourism scales Global payment with Foloosi Digital Transformation
Fast and swift response and instant booking system with the help of a premium payment gateway solution Foloosi Technologies
As one of UAE’s fastest-growing travel companies, Arabiers Tourism ( delivers the best tourist and Leisure services packages from Visa issuance to hotel booking. They have a wide selection of visa package from 14-, 30- & 90-days multiple entry visa for all nationalities without age restrictions. The company always ambitioned to reach customers from all over the world, and the key to this success is a mixture of factors: “Fast and swift response and instant booking system with the help of a premium payment gateway solution Foloosi Technologies.

J: Before joining Foloosi, what was your biggest challenge?

Zay: Our biggest challenge was to process the payment from our customers who were travelling to UAE from other countries. Bank transfers were our only option but it used to take a lot of time, it used to take up to weeks for the amount to be transferred. This used to affect our sales.

J: What were the implications for your business if you hadn’t fixed this problem? How serious was it?

Zay: Quite serious I would say when a customer contacted us for our services, we could not deliver due to the payment methods (i.e., through bank transfers) which is disappointing and a big loss for us & a waste of marketing.

                                        "Yes, sure! Our sales have increased
                                            by 60% which is amazing due to

J: Did you try to fix this problem in other ways? If yes, what were they?

Zay: We knew that a payment gateway system was the solution, we googled and contacted a few payment gateway companies but Foloosi was the first to respond and onboard us. Some of our clients in the UK have taught us that speedy response shows a lot efficiency.

J: What do you love most about Foloosi?

Zay: I think one of Foloosi’s best feature is the business app, each one of our team members has a user name & password, all we have to is download the app. We can track our orders, send the payment link to our customers, we get notified when the customers pay. The app has been very helpful.

J: Since deploying Foloosi, what have been the results? Can you point to some financial benefits you can share with us?

Zay: Yes sure! Our sales have increased by 60% which is amazing due to Foloosi. We have been benefitted from the multi-currency option at Foloosi which helped us to reach out to more customers outside the country giving us great exposure. I think this is an added advantage.

J: Great! Would you suggest Foloosi to other businesses in your sector who are planning to use our platform?

Zay: Although there is always room for improvement, I would happily recommend Foloosi for any SME’s here in UAE because it is a technically sound company, a complete platform and the pricing structure is very reasonable.

Interviewee: Zayed Aybak (Founder, Arabiers Tourism)
Interviewed by: Jerin Lesley Sebastian, Foloosi

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