How do I Receive Payments through Foloosi?
Foloosi enables your business to get paid using QR code, payment link, Marketplace from the consumers without the need of POS machine. In Foloosi you can receive payments through online it will Credit directly into your bank account

To accept payments through Foloosi, Create an account with Foloosi by completing the three-step of the signup process. Once your account created you’ll receive an email notification

Here are some ways you can get paid:

-> You can accept payments via QR Code
-> Integrate a Foloosi payment solution to your website
-> Create a payment link with foloosi via merchant panel/app and share with your customers and get paid
-> Create online store, showcase & manage your products, share your products over social media and get paid easily

The funds you receive will appear in your transaction report. The transactions that you had will settle to your bank account based on the settlement plan that had taken

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